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Who, or perhaps what even is WSTLNDR? Put simply, it’s a new artist project from Leon Bolier. One with no stated genre conditions and one without any pre-set agenda or absolute endgame. In essence, whatever ‘Leon Bolier’ doesn’t… WSTLNDR does.

Conceived as a ‘no walls’ (ad)venture, it is one that’s slave only to freeform musical architecture. An ‘audio ATV’ that allows Leon supreme latitude for production roam, without the absolute need to make the club floor roar. Unencumbered by any last vestiges of genre convention, Leon has, over a year or more, developed a 12-track outing that focuses exclusively on assembling sounds, FX and sequences that dial that much deeper into the synapses. A hyper-refined melting pot of ideas, influences, tendril inspiration and organic, naturalistic tangents, that all comprise an end-to-end listening experience.

The Dutchman’s first album foray under the name, is an attempt to perfect the ether that electronic music and electronic music alone can create. It all but entirely eschews the modern day album ‘rhythms’ of featured singers and collaborators. This is Leon’s long celebrated musical mind, unchained, running off the leash and fully loaded with a decade or more’s worth of ideas.
Packed with tracks as enigmatically titled, as they are musically varied, ‘Atmostopia’ is often dreamlike, regularly otherworldly and never short of ingenuity and vision. A complex, experimentally flexible world, populated with alternate instrumentation, techniques, sequences and wholly unique stylistic compressions.

01. Hemera
02. Sparkle
03. Wasteland
04. Save Me (with Fisher)
05. SHO118131 (with Evil Sardine)
06. Mother Computer Z
07. Muda
08. Crystal Castle
09. Bellzemos
10. Easton
11. Nyx
12. Don’t Forget

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