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Max Graham - Cycles 7

Max Graham - Cycles 7

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Max Graham, a man of many musical talents especially known for blurring the lines of trance, techno and progressive, has once again created his one-of-a-kind installation that transports you to a dark room with intimate vibes. The yearly time is here again where Graham delights with the very awaited Cycles 7, a jewel full of unique sounds with unexpected twists and turns.

The perfectly curated tracklist, which includes work from seasoned veterans, familiar names and up-and-comers, will for sure take your breath away. Graham’s favourite producer of the year, Rick Pier O’Neil, delights with three new originals including bassline-dominating piece “To Declare.” Also making an appearance are THNK, Henrik Zuberstein and Ewan Rill’s “Lotos” (Vocal Mix) featuring Avenax stunning vocals; all staples in Graham’s sets. His keen ear for up-and-coming talent gained Dimi Mechero and Apsara a spot on the mix as well. And marking the 15-year anniversary of Graham’s “Airtight” comes an out-of-this-world rendition, which Graham called his “Remix of the Year”, created by no stranger to the Cycles family, Tim Penner.

This time around the architect of build, energy manipulator and vibe connoisseur, Max Graham delivers a gem packed 78-minute, 16 track compilation that will stimulate your senses. A condensed mix showcasing what the widely popular Open to Close concept is all about. From Guy J’s “Equinox,” a hauntingly rhythmic track enough to lure you in, to Graham’s newest release “One Hundred” (Raw Mix) with a chunky bassline and infused builds, perfect for the peak hours of the journey to the magical, goosebump inducing, almost orchestra like piece exclusively written for this installment by Tim Penner, “Shadow Light” (Cycles 7 Outro Mix), completes yet another Cycles.

Handpicked gems that work in a dynamic cohesion of sorts, come alive to bring you the jewel masterpiece that Cycles 7 is. Whether in a dark room with intimate vibes, the beach, or on the road, this pearl never goes out of style. His name is Max Graham. And this is Cycles

01. Guy J - Equinox
02. Brian Cid - Errors
03. Rick Pier O'Neil - To Declare
04. Ewan Rill featuring Avenax - Lotos (Vocal Mix)
05. Dimi Mechero - Out Of Staight
06. THNK - Into You
07. Apsara - Terminal
08. Rick Pier O'Neil - Chaotically
09. Rick Pier O’Neil - Up To The Groove (Dub Mix)
10. THNK & Pim Kos - Wall
11. Max Graham - One Hundred (Raw Mix)
12. Trent Cantrelle - Out Of Line
13. Max Graham - Airtight (Tim Penner Remix)
14. Henrik Zuberstein - Elicit Response
15. Matt Fax - Stuck
16. Tim Penner - Shadow Light (Cylces 7 Outro Mix)

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