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Jordan Suckley, Freedom Fighters - Damaged Neon

Jordan Suckley, Freedom Fighters - Damaged Neon

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Through his ‘Red Alert’ release late last year, Jordan Suckley spun the time-honoured mixcomp format on its head. July sees the renowned DJ, music producer & label head return to deliver a second strike of that Damaged lightning. Porting the fissionable, impulsive thrill of the b2b experience to your doorstep/desktop, July sees him inject some ‘Damaged Neon’ into summer’s equation!

This time, going toe-to-toe with him are mix-cohorts Allen & Envy and Freedom Fighters, each Xing their own distinctly contrasting tones into Jordan’s infamously tough, fiery club ethic. 

Before the ‘Neon’ ride’s over you’ll have been on the receiving end of tracks & remixes from artistic luminaries such as Tiësto & Richard Durand, as well as trance Psy-chologists including Ace Ventura, Astrix, Vini Vici & Liquid Soul. It also features the best from tougher-trance propagators, with firebrand audio from Indecent Noise, Christopher Lawrence, Sam Jones, Will Rees, Amir Hussain + others. Rest assured, with their own material, your mix-hosts won’t be leaving you short-changed either. The latest studio-ware from Jordan, Freedom Fighters and Allen & Envy muster to meet the Damaged laser too.

Innovative sub-genre gene-splicing for nightbreeds of numerous persuasions, ‘Damaged Neon’ brings you trance music, the exact likes of which you’ve never heard before. 

‘Damaged Neon’s first mix hits the club-floor running, with Jordan going track-for-track with fellow countrymen, Allen & Envy. Through their productions, radio show, Together Recordings label and just-completed US tour debut, the fast-on-the-rise pair have been quaking the genre’s foundations of late.

Steve & Scott’s ebullient, uplifting sound proves the natural sparring partner for Jordan’s innate stylistic robustness. Early tough trance marvels like Argy’s mix of Suckley’s ‘Contaminated’ and the tech brutalism of ‘Ritual’ thrill. Interspersed between are the equally effective likes of Maarten de Jong’s ‘Clockwork’, Will Rees’ ‘Weapon’ and Sam Jones’ latest ‘Unknown’. Midpoint, Jordan ups the ante with Richard Durand’s Beatport chart smashing remix of Tiësto’s ‘Traffic’, while A&E counter with a swathe of their own production crop - ‘Promises’, ‘Immortal’ and the Dan Stone remix of ‘Without You’ among them. Lifting the roof just that extra bit higher are Amir Hussain’s remix of Forerunners’ ‘Lifecycle’, ‘Trinity’ from Chris Metcalfe and Miroslav ‘Vrilik’s ‘Backyard’, which collectively deliver the mix’s close-out blows.

Not putting the cause on pause but for a moment, Mix 2 sees psy-trance centurion Freedom Fighters enter the Damaged arena. Extra quick to the lips of the Psy frat of late, the Israeli’s productions have graced the decks of a veritable Who’s Who of the genre’s adherents. From the off, FF’s own ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Spiral’ (in co-op with Lifeforms) redline the mix’s pace & tone. Jordan counters with ‘The Calling’ - Vini Vici & Ace Ventura first co-production, Astrix & Tristen’s cheeky ‘Awake the Snake’ and his own ‘Aztec Curse’. The pair deliver the final burst of fast, fun ex-psy-tation through Indecent Noise & Christopher Lawrence’s ‘Zulu Magic’, the Revolution 9/Amara team-up ‘Scolopendra’ and Future Frequency’s remix of Liquid Soul’s ‘Revolution’.

Mix 1 - Jordan Suckley vs Allen & Envy

01. Jordan Suckley - Contaminated (Argy Remix)
02. Sam Jones - Unknown
03. Maarten de Jong - Clockwork
04. Project 8 - Blood Drunk
05. Orla Feeney & Kriess Guyte - Vortex
06. Jordan Suckley - Ritual
07. XGenic - Soothsayer
08. Will Rees - Weapon
09. Tiësto - Traffic (Richard Durand Remix)
10. Allen & Envy & Neev Kennedy - Without You (Dan Stone Remix)
11. Allen & Envy with Cari - Promises
12. Allen & Envy featuring Robin Vane - lmmortal
13. Graeme Harrison - Xanthe (Allen & Envy & Mark W Rework)
14. Forerunners - Lifecycle (Amir Hussain Remix)
15. Allen & Envy & Allen Watts - Vega (Cold Rush Remix)
16. UDM featuring lrina Makosh - Set Me Free (Mike Sanders Remix)
17. Chris Metcalfe & Allen Watts - Trinity
18. Miroslav Vrlik - Backyard
19. Allen & Envy & UDM - lgnite (F.G. Noise Remix)

Mix 2 - Jordan Suckley vs Freedom Fighters

01. Freedom Fighters - Wasteland
02. Loud & Burn In Noise - A Real Good Time
03. Freedom Fighters & Lifeforms - Spiral
04. Vini Vici & Ace Ventura - The Calling
05. Astrix - Deep Jungle Walk
06. Astrix & Tristen - Awake the Snake
07. Pixel & Wrecked Machines - Mother Funker (Outsiders Remix)
08. Revolution 9 & Amara - The Tube (Original Mix)
09. Phaxe - Angels Of Destruction (Neelix Whatz Up Remix)
10. Jordan Suckley - Aztec Curse (Eddie Bitar Remix)
11. Indecent Noise & Christopher Lawrence - Zulu Magic
12. Liquid Soul - Revolution (Future Frequency Remix)
13. Revolution 9 & Amara - Scolopendra
14. Ritmo & Liquid Soul - Be Right
15. Christopher Lawrence - Banshee (Lostly Remix)

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