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JES - High Glow

JES - High Glow

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JES' new album HIGH GLOW opens with a modern classic. “Awaken” brings together stadium guitar riffs and anthemic synths placed over a rocked dance beat that drives one of the most infectious songs of the new millennium. 'Closer' rises up with a punchy bass line and quirky melodic vocals. JES then flips the switch and drops a mid-tempo electro revolution with 'Fame', her sensual vocals drifting over pulsating synth textures to an impressive angular electro pop hook. Twisted between the urban simplicity of 'Halfway Gone' and the guitar laden beauty of the title ballad High Glow' lays the first single 'Lovesong', an uptempo tour de force of rock-tinged electronica. Unfolding around a truly breathtaking vocal, JES reinvents The Cure's

80's classic for a whole new generation. In the alt rock of &'Do You Love Me' JES has all the angst and tension of a loaded gun. The Hip Hop influenced beats of 'Where You Are' give way to an emo rock chorus that can't be forgotten. In 'Unleash the Beat', synth rock drives relentlessly and 'See Through' kicks and bucks like an electronic rodeo fiend. Reaching further into HIGH GLOW JES delivers stunning ballads like 'All Night' and up-tempo genre bending electronica such as 'Same Mistake', with equal measures of sincerity and a raw talent. JES is an artist that not only means it, but makes you fully feel and believe it with every breath. HIGH GLOW marks a bright transition for JES, elevating her to new heights of accessibility. This passionate collection of songs lives up to its title creating an ultimately uplifting feeling of hope and new beginnings that only a true shining star can bring.

JES' unbelievable talent for communication is nowhere more evident than in her mesmerizing live shows. Holding the audience in the palm of her hand and protected only by her now infamous shield tattoo she breaks the barrier between the artist and audience, sometimes disappearing into the rows of adoring fans that try to pull her in. Where DJ's rely on strobe lights and deafening volumes, JES captures the hearts and imagination of the audience with a whisper of her sultry, deeply sexy voice. Whether in a dance arena, on acoustic guitar or playing festivals with her band, JES' intense personal energy reaches out to each and every fan, making you understand instantly what it means to feel loved.


1. Awaken
2. Closer
3. Such A Long Time
4. Fame
5. Half Way Gone
6. Lovesong
7. Do You Love Me
8. High Glow
9. It's Too Late
10. Where You Are
11. Same Mistake
12. Medicine
13. See Through
14. Unleash The Beat
15. All Night
Bonus Track: Years And Years

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