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John Askew - Dusk Till Dawn

John Askew - Dusk Till Dawn

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VII release their fourth compilation album – Dusk Till Dawn. A double CD compiled and mixed by label boss and respected trance pioneer John Askew. Featuring thirty six tracks across the two mixes, Dusk Till Dawn explores John’s ambidextrous love of the harder tech sounds (Dusk) as well as the fast, driving, melodic high energy power trance (Dawn). Featuring two, exclusive brand new John Askew tracks, ten exclusive Askew reworks, eleven exclusive new tracks from some of John’s favourite producers as well as a heap of the freshest cuts from the VII and Deep In Thought release schedules – this album is jam packed with a vibrant selection of never heard before high energy music.

“Dusk is the music I love to hear when it gets dark and things go harder and more twisted whereas Dawn shows off my more melodic side as night transitions to day and the festival vibes kick off. As well as all the kicking current music I wanted to rework some of my favourite classics to include – from the likes of NU NRG, Union Jack and Paul van Dyk to give a fresh 2021 twist to those seminal classics that for me were and always will be the purest and most epic forms of trance.”

Dusk Till Dawn is a high octane journey through the sonic spectrum of nagging trance and tech with highlight music from Paul van Dyk, BT, NU NRG, Will Atkinson, Sean Tyas, Greg Downey, Everlight, Beatsole, BT, UDM and many more including of course multiple productions from John Askew.

No warm ups – just full throttle, foot to the floor trance from the first minute.


Disc 1 - Dusk

  1. Union Jack - Cactus (John Askew Rework) 
  2. Will Atkinson - Awake (John Askew Rework) 
  3. John Askew - Tooth Decay On Tuesday 
  4. EverLight featuring Emma Chatt - Obelisk
  5. Zach Zlov - Ergo 
  6. EverLight - Renegade Bass 
  7. Tasso - Attrition 
  8. Alex Di Stefano - Above The Sky 
  9. Sean Tyas - Black & White (Paul Denton Remix) 
  10. John Askew - Torture Chamber (EverLight's Light Speed Mix) 
  11. Tommy Mulligan - The Wasp 
  12. Allan McLuhan - Acid Theory (John Askew Rework)
  13. John Askew - Niceto 
  14. Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party (Greg Downey Remix) 
  15. Faraway Project - Savannah (John Askew Rework)
  16. John Askew - Keep Pushing 
  17. Will Atkinson - Pipe Dreams 
  18. BT & Christian Burns - Save Me 

Disc 2 - Dawn

  1. Beatman & Ludmilla - The Fall
  2. Milla Lehto - Blade Runner (John Askew Rework) 
  3. Steve Brian & Ronski Speed - Viper (Maywave Remix - John Askew Rework)
  4. Nu NRG - Universe (John Askew Rework)
  5. Calvin O’Commor - Oceania (John Askew Rework)
  6. John Askew - Squelch 
  7. John Askew - Picture of Dorian (Ray Reverse Remix) 
  8. Nifra & Mia Koo - Forever Forever (Beatsole Remix - John Askew Rework)
  9. No-So - Feels Like Heaven 
  10. Paul van Dyk - Crush (John Askew Rework)
  11. John Askew & Gary Go - Smile 
  12. John Askew - Fade To Black (UDM Remix)
  13. Story of Oz - Somersault 
  14. John Askew - Through The Looking Glass (Faders & Wilder Remix)
  15. Sean Tyas & Shelby Merry - Someday (Story of Oz Remix)
  16. UDM - Always Shining 
  17. Igor Dorin - Energy (John Askew Rework)
  18. Will Atkinson - The Last Rave On Earth 
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