Nifra - Follow Me 2



Every good story demands a sequel, and that mantra certainly applies in the case of Nifra's warmly appraised foray into the world of mix compilations. For the second year running, she asks the call of "Follow Me". 

As travel movements ceased into lockdown through 2020, the primary light among female trance DJs led by demonstration once again; embracing the virtual world as an outlet to showcase her love of the art. Concurrently in these circumstances, she utilised extensive periods offline to concentrate on Follow Me 2 - its blocks were slowly accumulated since the spring; with every step delicately analysed and festered, and harnessing the strength around her talents from near and afar. 


01. Nifra - TrES 2B
02. Yilmaz Altanhan - Eighties (Mike EFEX Remix)
03. FORCES - Night Weaver
04. Markus Schulz - Escape
05. Anske - Reaching Up
06. Daxson & Dan Thompson - Different People
07. GXD & Elle Vee - Sail
08. Fisherman - Apache 2.0 
09. Nifra & Mia Koo - Forever Forever (Beatsole Remix)
10. HamzeH - Trails
11. Arjans - Farpoint
12. Husman & Fisherman - The South
13. Kamaya Painters - Wasteland (Nifra & Fisherman Remix)
14. Arkham Knights - Are You Out There
15. Dave Neven - Acid Impact
16. Holbrook & Skykeeper - Trigger
17. Nifra - Resistance


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