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Orkidea - Pure Progressive 1

Orkidea - Pure Progressive 1

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It took a shade under thirty months for Pure Progressive to rock past its one-hundredth release. That was time enough for the label to bring music from near enough every prog operator of note through its doors and onto floors. Penner, Barone, O’Glue, Saint-Jules, Schossow, Driftmoon, label honch Solarstone (naturally) - you name ‘em, they’ve all received their P.P. pin.

If there was any surprise to be had it was that Pure Progressive’s resisted a full-blown compilation until now. Time is time though and July 2020 sees Solarstone’s progressive progeny emphatically score that notch. At the wheelhouse of its mix/disc-deuce is none other than that flying Fin, Orkidea - a genre prognosticator himself who’s recorded for the label many a time. Notably perhaps it was ‘One Man’s Dream’ - their hundredth release, as well as his longstanding Solar-association - that saw him earmarked to mix-helm ‘PP Vol. 1’. Either way he’s seized both opportunity and reins to deliver a stupendously mixed first edition - and one that brings the best of his and the label’s artistic cohort to your ears.

Amongst them - well an embarrassment of progressive riches abounds. Genre forefathers like Way Out West rub shoulders with scene-starters like Oakenfold, whilst a host of respected outfits from its dawn - Deepsky, Sunscreem, Desert, Slusnik Luna, Pink Bomb and others - see their works remix-reimagined.

Orkidea’s split his edition clean down the middle, dividing it into “Artist” and “DJ” mixes. The former of which offers a major spyglass into what his album follow-up to 2015’s ‘Harmonia’ beholds. In-mixed-form it features no less than 12 tracks, including premieres for new cuts like ‘Rebel Time’ and his Sunscreem team-up ‘Perfect Motion’, as well as the just-out-there ‘That Feeling’. The latter meanwhile comes flush with many an edge-cutter from 2020’s prog class. Yotto, Grum, Paul Thomas, gardenstate, Forerunners, Allende and a horde of others pack out the second disc’s tracklist. Collectively ‘Pure Progressive Vol. 1’ serves the clearest possible vision of what’s-currently-what in the world of prog.


Mix 1 - The Artist

01. Way Out West - Earth (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix)
02. Orkidea - Rebel Time 
03. Solarstone & Orkidea - Slowmotion V
04. Orkidea - Forward Forever
05. Orkidea & Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Extended Mix)
06. Orkidea - Metta
07. Deepsky - Cosmic Dancer (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix)
08. Orkidea - One Man’s Dream (Pure Progressive Mix)
09. Paul Oakenfold featuring Little Nikki - Only Us (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix)
10. Slusnik Luna - Valssi (Orkidea Pure Progressive Edit)
11. Orkidea - Higher State (Pure Progressive Edit)
12. Orkidea - That Feeling

Mix 2 - The DJ

01. Macker - Lost in Space
02. Solarstone & JES - Like A Waterfall (Forerunners Remix)
03. Forerunners - Stream of Consciousness
04. Desert - Moods (Mr. A + SØNIN Remix)
05. Yotto - Tarantia
06. Solarstone & Orkidea - Slowmotion IV (F-Act Remix)
07. Elfsong - Crenshinibon (Dub Mix)
08. ZOYA - Bright Star
09. gardenstate - Bloom
10. Milla Lehto - World Outside
11. Paul Thomas & White-Akre - Vyote (Grum Remix)
12. Dreams & D.N.A. - Frequency Modulated Universe
13. Allende - Fate
14. Pink Bomb - Indica (Orkidea & Solarstone Pure Progressive Remix)

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