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Zachary Zammarripa - Outrun

Zachary Zammarripa - Outrun

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After more than two years of hard work Zachary Zamarripa proudly presents us his debut artist album called Outrun. He had always dreamt of releasing his own artist album but his friend Andy Duguid telling him he “couldn’t wait to buy his CD one day” triggered him to start the process.

The result is Outrun, a 13-track masterpiece filled with tracks we already know and love like Tower, Lonely Heart, Natural and I Feel, but also a lot of brand new productions. The album is, in essence, a soundtrack to Zachary’s life. Most tracks are inspired by places he has been and moments he experienced himself. The gorgeous vocals of Amy Kirkpatrick, Shannon Hurley, Luke Chable and more helped him voice these moments into great pieces of music.

You can imagine this carefully crafted album containing graceful trance tunes combined with club-ready dance numbers deserves a spot in your music collection!

01. Zachary Zamarripa - City Villa
02. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Nicole McKenna - Say It's Over
03. Zachary Zamarripa - Oleander
04. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Amy Kirkpatrick - Stop Cold
05. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Charlotte Haining - Let Go
06. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Shannon Hurley - Natural
07. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Gaz Twist - Breath Away
08. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Tara Louise - Take My Hand
09. Zachary Zamarripa - Tower
10. Zachary Zamarripa - I Feel
11. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Luke Chable - Lonely Heart
12. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Natalie Major - The Other Side
13. Zachary Zamarripa featuring Mike Schmid - Outrun

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