Cosmic Gate - Sign Of The Times



“Sign Of The Times” definitely is a Cosmic Gate classic. Released after their huge hit single “Body Of Conflict”, it's their fourth artist album that once again caught the attention of all the big names in the industry and, most importantly, the audience.
With this release, the German trance heavyweights provide thirteen tracks of upfront and innovative cuts illustrating why they are ahead of the game. Besides “Body Of Conflict”, the album harvested the highly acclaimed singles “Not Enough Time”, “Flatline” and “London Rain”.

Cosmic Gate have created and inspired some of the most influential music ever to hit our dance floors over the past decade. This long player is a good indication of how the guys constantly push today’s musical boundaries, blending a perfect mix of trance and progressive combined with their tight production skills and the duo’s distinctive Cosmic Gate sound. Sourcing new talent, Cosmic Gate have also collaborated with several singer-songwriters from a variety of genres to help contribute different sounds and themes on this album.

01. Open Your Heart ft. Tiff Lacey
02. London Rain
03. Flatline ft. Kyler England
04. Sign Of The Times
05. Under Your Spell ft. Aruna
06. Not Enough Time ft. Emma Hewitt
07. F.A.V.
08. Trip To PD
09. Only Time ft. Tommy Clint
10. Arctic Sunset
11. Body Of Conflict ft. Denise Rivera
12. Whatever
13. Seize The Day

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