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York - Traveller

York - Traveller

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Including ‘Traveller’, York has finished four studio albums. It took him three years to finish this double-album that features 20 new songs, and like his previous Album Islander, it has completely produced entirely on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Torsten Stenzel, the mastermind behind the project that he had started in 1997 with his Brother Jörg Stenzel, moved from Ibiza to Antigua in 2007. Listening to Traveller, everybody can hear the Caribbean influence. On some songs like What are we waiting for? he mixes reggae with a house track. Inusa Dawuda delivered the vocals for this track, an old friend from his Ibiza times.

Traveller has more collaborations on it then the previous album, but also features a chill out side, along with a danceable side. The Chilled part of the album starts with a beautiful song called How did I fall in Love?, that he wrote with Nathan Red and Kim Sanders, who is very known through her appearances with Schiller and The Voice in Germany. The song has a very deep guitar line and Kim´s vocals give you instant goosebumps. The second song on the chilled section is called Salty Belle and features the chill out producer R.I.B. This track was inspired by York´s Boat, called Salty Belle, and his travels with her all through the Caribbean. If you close your eyes and listen, you will find yourself swaying over the waves. 

Not So Chilled:
01 York With Nathan Red Featuring Doris Pearson - Moving In The Shadows
02 York & Marco Torrance - Lilileaf Ladybell
03 York & J.L. - Seaborne
04 York & Tumi Thusi - Bayette
05 York & ATB - Right Back To You
06 York & Taucher & Ayla - Kings & Queens
07 York & Nathan Red Featuring Scar - Feels Like Heaven
08 York With Chola featuring Alexander K.G. Klaus - Greyhound
09 York - Interlude
10 York - What Are We Waiting For
11 York Featuring Arlen - We Are

01 York With Nathan Red & Kim Sanders - How Did I Fall In Love ?
02 York Featuring R.I.B. & J.Stenzel - Salty Belle
03 York Featuring Ginger MacKenzie - My Ship
04 York - Traveller
05 York & Nathan Red Featuring J.Stenzel - Burning Flame
06 York & Ferry Tale Featuring Asheni - Under The Stars
07 York & Rank 1 Featuring Lola - This World Is So Amazing
08 York & Mysticage - Oceanica
09 York & Dreamy Featuring Leila - Once Upon A Time
10 York & Anthya - The Horizon Of Mars
11 York & Project Blue Sun - Crusin’
12 York & Wadadli Acoustics - Nothing Is Over
13 York & Deep Voices Featuring Alexander K.G. Klaus - With You

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